Sales Arborist

Basic Info:

Position: Sales Arborist

Role: Full-Time Salary 36+ hours per week

Pay Range: $50,000 – 70,000

Direct Support: Tim Shawley (Co-Owner & CEO)


  • High School Diploma
  • Obtain ISA certified arborist or Tree Management Professional (TMP) credential within the first 6 months
  • Obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) annually – Obtained through live TCI-Expo classes, online workshops, and in house safety meetings (5 CEUs for TMP or 10 CEUs for certified arborist)

Core Competencies:

  1. A-Player Mentality
  2. Others Oriented
  3. Takes Ownership

Plague Attributes:

  1. Negativity
  2. Selfishness
  3. Ego

Sales Arborist Competencies:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Good planner
  3. Resourceful
  4. High Standards
  5. Clear communicator
  6. Proactive
  7. Problem solver
  8. Aggressive hustle
  9. Willing to learn
  10. Active listener
  11. An ideal team player

Technical Knowledge:

Required – Google services (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive), SingleOps (CRM), Smartphone or tablet (with a good camera)

Culture Fit:

Read – The STS Way  & Core Values 

  1. First, Add Value
  2. Over-Communicate, Then Keep Communicating
  3. Decide, Commit, Act. 

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Advancement / Opportunities:

  1. Office Manager
  2. CMO
  3. CFO
  4. Quarterly rewards based on hitting 90 day theme goals
  5. Referral bonus for bringing in new “A players” to STS

Related Resources:

Books to Read:

Mission / Purpose:

The mission for the Sales Arborist is to grow top line revenue by 10% month over month.

The Sales Arborist will convert new leads into paying clients and increase profit margins among existing clients.

The purpose of a Sales Arborist is to educate homeowners on long-term solutions for the trees on their property.

What We Expect:

Sales Arborists will provide homeowners with options from across all operations and must have a keen eye for details. It is the job of a Sales Arborist to set clear expectations for each client and to never promise that we can complete a job that goes against company standards or industry best practices. In contrast, the Sales Arborist should seek to UNDER sell so that the production crew can OVER deliver (we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen)

This person is responsible for making sure all crews are equipped with the highest level of preparedness through the transparency provided in a detailed scope of work (our CRM software makes this super easy to achieve)

This person will use proper marking, mapping, and photographic support to ensure the crew which is “going in blind” will be fully capable of completing each task without confusion. Also, the scope of work should be written with precise detail while avoiding undue complexity (keep it simple)

This person must be proactive during site visits and willing to look at the surrounding trees extending beyond the main/initial reason for their visit.

The Sales Arborist knows how to identify tree health issues and offer solutions to resolve these issues. They also know how to prune and remove trees as well as remove stumps and plant new trees including understanding the time, tools, and equipment that will be required to complete each operation (this specialized knowledge is taught during the onboarding phase and learned through obtaining our in-house Tree Management Professional (TMP) credential)

The Sales Arborist will write specifications that are professionally articulated so that both the client & crew understand expectations in accordance with industry best practices and the A300 Pruning Standards 

This person will participate in a daily huddle, weekly meeting, and report monthly with their direct support in order to establish and retain clear communication, expectations, and alignment.

This person is accountable to ensure every client is educated and equipped to make a well-informed decision.

This person will put the good of STS above themselves. (educate, don’t sell)

This person is accountable to adhere to our zero gossip policy and take issues directly to the individual or team required to resolve a conflict.

This person will hustle in order to make the biggest impact for the good of others.

The Sales Arborist’s direct support is the Chief Marketing Officer.

The Sales Arborist will have access to managers and executives via our open-door policy in order to suggest improvements to systems, tasks, or procedures.

Outcomes / Responsibilities:

First 30 Days

  • Become familiar with all STS service offerings
  • Check your playbook daily
  • Check in with your direct support (CMO) to schedule a one-on-one
  • Participate in eight production days acting in a Crew Member position
  • Spend four days doing ride-alongs to shadow an existing Sales Arborist
  • Manage eight lead callers in order to schedule Site-Visits

First 60 Days

  • Read and understand the A300 
  • Continue to read & review your playbook daily
  • Schedule & perform 4 Site-Visits per week
  • Maintain an average of 45% or higher conversion rate across 8 visits
  • Check in with CMO or Production Coach to schedule one-on-one
  • Participate in four production days acting in a Crew Member position
  • Take additional ride-alongs to shadow existing Sale Arborist as needed

First 90 Days

  • Work with your direct support to identify and crush current or potential weak areas
  • Participate on production days twice per month acting as a Crew Member
  • Continue to read and review your playbook
  • Have one-on-one scheduled once per month with a peer or leader

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):

  • Top line revenue is growing by 10% month over month
  • Client happiness is shown through 2 Google reviews per month
  • 1 long-term plan sold per month (TREE program)
  • Crews are not making return visits due to poorly communicated job expectations
  • Grow annual revenue from $400,000 to $600,000 in 18 months

2023 Accountabilities:

  • TREE programs sold – 
  • Gross sales – 
  • Conversion rate – 

Example Tasks:

  • Returning lead calls
  • Scheduling Site-Visits
  • Driving company or personal vehicle (mileage compensation for personal vehicle)
  • Speaking with homeowners
  • Writing proposals / work order specifications
  • Working with production crew to complete work
  • Shadowing direct support

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