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We are community arborists dedicated to caring for our neighbors and their trees in Somerset County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Our highly-skilled team of Certified Arborists and Tree Management Professionals provides a wide array of premium services and we go above and beyond what’s required so we can improve landscaping for home and business owners alike. Here’s what we can do for you:


An arborist knows your trees and the best ways to care for them. We use Industry Best Practices to determine the type of trimming or pruning necessary to maintain the health of your trees. A common technique is crown cleaning, which is the selective removal of dead, diseased, broken, or weakly attached branches from the tree crown. Another is clearance pruning which removes limbs from structures and wires. Whatever your need, our on-site evaluation will determine how to eliminate dangerous situations and promote strong growth.

Tree Removal

If it’s determined your tree cannot be saved, we offer standard tree removal to get the job done efficiently and safely. We provide a customized cleanup plan based on your needs, whether you want us to haul the branches or you want to clean it up yourself. Often, the remaining wood is donated to our Community Wood Bank.

Stump Removal

Get rid of unsightly stumps and stubborn roots! Our two-phase grinding technique digs deep and helps prevent sinkholes, grass burns and a basin of water in your yard. 

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Lacking a green thumb? Let STS Arborists help. We are well-versed in Pennsylvania’s tree species and we understand the region’s climatic conditions to help your plants thrive while keeping your land aesthetically pleasing. We’ll examine site conditions and work with you to determine the best trees, shrubbery and other plants for your property. Once you choose from our wide selection of plants, we recommend using our automatic irrigation bags which we install under a protective mulch layer.

We offer a one-year guarantee for your plants if you:

  1. Select our approved plants
  2. Install our watering system
  3. Use our mulch for your project

Plant Health Care

Under our Plant Health Care (or PHC) system, we offer several pest control services and tree disease management plans. Just like health care for us humans, trees also need care to stay healthy. Our main focus is long-term prevention.

Tell those pests to bug off! We offer several pest control services to rid your trees and shrubs of common insects in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  • Scale Pests
  • Spotted Lanternfly

If you believe your plants are suffering from a disease, call us. Our first step is diagnosing the disease, which commonly includes issues like:

  • Needle Cast
  • Cedar Apple Rust

Once we pinpoint the problem, one of three common treatment techniques will be chosen, including direct stem injection, spraying and soil drenching. 

Tree Risk Assessment

The threat of a toppling tree can be a danger for many reasons. That’s why our certified arborists use Tree Risk Assessments. They determine the likelihood of failure of branches or the whole tree and the consequences of a failure. 

An assessment begins with visual observation using a well-trained eye. We look for any safety risks and determine decay. Once we assess the problem, we mitigate the damage risks and decide an action plan. Our goal is to potentially save a tree that’s important to you.

Support Systems

Is one of your tree branches splitting? Don’t bring out the chainsaw just yet! Our crew can use a method called cabling and bracing to provide structural support for trees. We install extra high strength grade cables and all-thread rods to reduce the chances of failure of defective unions.

Commercial Consultations

From businesses to boroughs, we are often called out to consult for larger-scale projects. We specialize in diagnosing problems, recommending treatments, and we can give you unbiased, professional opinions. We are your authoritative experts on tree health.

Community Wood Bank

We can help keep you warm when the weather grows cold. Since 2018, STS Arborists has hosted a community wood bank to aid our most vulnerable neighbors. It’s really a community outreach with the purpose of solving a short-term heating crisis. Volunteers come out to enjoy fellowship and split some wood, which will then be donated to families and individuals across Somerset County and our nearby service areas. Financial donations also keep operating costs low, allowing us to serve more people in our community. Would you be willing to help?

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