The Wood Bank

When the weather gets cold, staying warm is something most of us take for granted. But for those in need, it is a luxury.

No One Should Go Without Heat

The Wood Bank Helps

Fall and winter are always cold anywhere in Pennsylvania, but especially so in our neck of the woods. Unfortunately, some members of our community struggle to warm their homes due to financial difficulties. Because of this, Tim Shawley and Nathan Sanner felt led to serve those who need help heating their homes. So, in 2018, they started the Wood Bank.

An aerial shot of our Community Wood Bank

It's Volunteer Driven

Since that time, Sanner Tree Service has donated cords of wood to multiple families and individuals across our service area. We’ve also been blessed with volunteers who help us process the wood supply.

Seriously, they’re amazing and we’re so glad they give their time and energy like they do.

It's Donor Funded

Of course we’re grateful for those people who donate their time and energy to this cause. But, we also couldn’t have the Wood Bank without the people who provide generous financial gifts to keep it running.

Donations keep operating costs low, allowing us to help more people in our community.

Yet, We Still Need More Help

Would you be willing to pitch in? Anything you could do would be a great blessing. Perhaps you can donate your time for a work day at the Wood Bank if you live locally. Maybe you, your business, or your church could make a financial donation to help offset our costs.

A gift of any size will go a long way in helping us keep more people comfortable as the tempurature drops outside. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide.

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